Every so often a product comes along which makes a big leap in how we use and live in our homes.  In our opinion Chromecast is such a product and having experienced its features and benefits we are happy to promote it to you.

Chromecast is a plug in dongle which goes in the HDMI socket on the television you have in a spare room which is currently underused.   The Chromecast dongle connects the tv wirelessly to your wireless network and you control it with your smart phone or tablet.  Software is available by downloading an app plus the services of iPlayer, Netflix and many other services are easily available.  If you already have these apps on your tablet you can quickly upgrade them to run with Chromecast.

Have I convinced you.  For around 35 quid you are not taking a big risk.  With a good broadband service, an HDMI tv and a tablet or smartphone you have all you need to enjoy films and tv using the subscriptions or free access you already have.

This is only our take on it.  Follow this link to find out more and complete your purchase of this great little gizmo using Amazon.