Get advice!

Getting proper and sound advice on your house and home problems can save £££s.

Understand the limitations of any advice.  The building industry is filled with companies and individuals who want to sell you their products and services.  Whilst they usually are sound, you need to be aware that they are looking to their needs which may not be the same as yours.  Taking independent advice means that you are protected from their commercial drivers and can follow the most economical and beneficial route for you.

Take the damp proofing myth.  You have dampness in your home and you go to a damp proofing company to solve it for you.  They want to sell you damp proofing products and therefore they persuade you that this will solve your problem.  The fact is however that dampness in homes is hardly ever due to damp rising up through the foundations and even if it is there are numerous other actions you can take in advance of injecting chemicals into your property.

Dampness is the number one cause of numerous other subsequent problems in the home including mould growth, insect infestation, vermin etc.  Some simple advice, whether by email or site visit, can quickly halt the deterioration of your most valuable asset.  Our advice is low cost, as often is the work required.  It is certain however that the longer you leave the work to be done the harder it gets.

For advice on your particular problems in construction please send an email to:-