Advisorbuild is a person to person advice service provided on a time charge basis.

Our advisor will make an initial assessment of your problem and advise you on a course of action. 

For simple building problems which can be answered by an email converstation we charge £10 per email from us containing advce.  (please read our terms and conditions page)

For problems where some research is required we charge £40 per hour of research time.

Should you wish to discuss a full project management solution where we provide you with a site or project manager to run your construction project, we can be flexible with either an hourly charge or a fixed price to deliver your project based on a percentage of the value of your project.  We can advise you on the process and benefits of appointing us as your project manager free of charge but of cousre we will require payment for building advice on the way.

Rest assured we will always keep you informed of our charges in advance of you incurring costs.

Blog Site.  For information on specialist areas please visit the blogsite on the following link:-

For advice on your particular problems in construction please send an email to:-